3 Uses for Vodka Other Than Drinking!

~ By Jessica Gomez ~ There are many uses for vodka besides the enjoyment of its taste and the buzz you get! You'd be surprised how many uses there actually are! Let's keep it short and sweet! Here are a few: 1. Vodka can be used as a house cleanser: It is an effective...

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5 Positive Health Benefits of Vodka

~ By Jessica Gomez ~ Surprisingly, there are health benefits that vodka provides. However, don't get it twisted, you should always consume alcohol responsibly. Everything in moderation. We love to drink vodka, but how else can we use this precious liquid? We’ll tell...

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5 Gift Ideas For Vodka Lovers!

~By Esther Choi and Jessica Gomez~ Choosing gifts is not always a simple task. But knowing something about the person you're giving them to definitely helps. So, if you know that your bud is a vodka or liquor lover, then we have awesome gift ideas for you! Here are...

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