The Balls are still rolling…

Our last campaign for the summer is our Happiness Campaign!

August is National Wellness Month.

 Let’s focus on the positive in life by being happy as much as possible. Why don’t you focus on a bit of self care?! Balls Vodka is about fun, confidence, happiness, and of course — staying ballsy! Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Pour Balls Vodka in a glass –
Stir, Work Hard, Stop Complaining, Speak the Truth, Don’t Act Like a Mary Unless Your Name is Mary,
Sip, and ENJOY!

Balls Vodka Recipes

Ginger Balls-onade

This Ginger and BALLS cocktail will be a hit at your next cocktail party.

2 oz. Balls Vodka
1 oz. Lemonade
1 oz. Ginger Ale
Garnish: Candied Ginger

StrawBALLSY Chiller

When the sun is bright and you want to have a BERRY delicious cocktail with friends, this is the perfect treat.

1 oz. Balls Vodka
1 oz. Soda
3 medium strawberries
5 mint leaves

Muddle the strawberries and mint leaves, add vodka and soda. Shake with a handful of ice cubes and pour.

Cake Baller Shots

The perfect dessert cocktail!

1 oz. Balls Vodka
1 oz. Irish Cream
Rim: melted chocolate
dipped into rainbow sprinkles